Seafood Restaurant

University City, MO

Come to Oceano Bistro if you are located in University City or the surrounding areas. We are sure to amaze you with the freshness of our seafood. We are a premier seafood restaurant. We are located by the heart of St. Louis. We aim to serve the coastal flavors to those who don't live by the coastal regions.

Our fish flavors are absolutely the freshest that you have ever tasted. It is unlikely that you can find fresher fish because our fish comes from the freshest sources. Our chefs have done the hard work already and all you have to do is enjoy.

Our chefs are dedicated to their craft. The thrill of seeking out the freshest fish keeps them going day in and day out. We know that you have been searching, ‘seafood restaurant near me' on Yelp and we are glad to announce that your days of searching are finally over. Oceano Bistro is the best local seafood restaurant at your disposal. Call us today to make a reservation and we are certain that you will keep coming back.

We look forward to seeing you regularly. We know that you will eventually become a regular because everyone who tries out our restaurant for the first time usually ends up becoming a dedicated customer of ours.

Not many people have had the opportunity to try great seafood. Now that you have a great local seafood restaurant please don't take that opportunity for granted. Come on in and have a meal. Have a few drinks and even talk to our chefs. They will be happy to meet you and be happy to know that you enjoyed their meal. You will soon find out that we are the definition a good bistro. Call us during our open hours to find out more information.