Fresh Fish Daily

O'fallon, MO

If you live in O'Fallon, Missouri, then you have a great opportunity to try fresh fish daily. Oceano Bistro is home to the freshest seafood in the area. We are the premier local seafood restaurant. Our quality never disappoints.

Our chefs take what they do seriously. They search the oceans in search of the best seafood. We don't compromise on quality. We carry fresh fish daily. That's what we do and we are proud of it. Oceano Bistro is what makes bistros amazing. You have a of employees, who treat each other like family, that work hard and take the customer's needs seriously.

We couldn't have Oceano Bistro without great customers like you in the state of Missouri. You keep our doors open. Our chefs take their time with every plate and don't rush orders. The day you start to rush, is the day you start to make mistakes.

There is a way to make great tasting seafood that just works. Our chefs adhere to this knowledge. They have accumulated it over the years of doing what they do. They work hard every day to ensure that every customer leaves with a smile on their face. We want every customer to leave thinking that the food tasted too good, to be priced at what they ultimately paid for.

Our fish is delivered to us daily. That is why we call it fresh fish daily. These ingredients are what comprise the great plates that you enjoy or that you will soon be enjoying. We know that you will enjoy yourself if you come in with a friend, brother, sister, mom, date or child. We have dishes that range from those who eat seafood regularly to plates for those trying it for the first time. We look forward to serving you soon.